Saturday, June 27, 2009

French connection

I promise to write more later when I have a more accessible Internet connection. Right now, I'm sitting on the sidewalk of Pexiora, France, which apparently right in the heart of Cathar country in the Languedoc region of the country.

I played golf Thursday at the Carcassonne Golf Club, which is a nice course - several blind shots, but wide open fairways and views of the rolling countryside. In the distance, you can see the Pyrenees.

It took me about nine holes to get used to the meters vs. yards dilemma, and I followed up a front nine score of 52 with a back nine score of 42, including a birdie on the closing hole - a short par 3 that has an extreme elevation change. I took a picture after my tee shot from the overhead tee box that shows my ball about 3 feet from the hole. I'll upload it when I get back to London or home.

Still, the locals are friendly, and I was fortunate to play a few holes with a 15-year-old boy who eventually hooked up with his friends and left me to fend for myself over meters. Sporting a set of Callaways, he was pretty good. And although he said he spoke some English, I think the language barrier was apparent when I asked him if there was on toilette (bathroom) on the golf course. He said, yes, on No. 10. We were on No. 10, and I never saw a toilette. Maybe he thought I asked what hole we were on. And maybe that's why I shot better on the back nine. I was desperate to get to the clubhouse to find that toilette.

After that, I wanted to extend my appreciation to the people in the pro shop, so I approached the counter, with French dictionary in hand.

"Tres bon le terrain de golf."

I got several mercis and smiles, so I assume I got it right - very good golf course. And it is.

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