Thursday, July 30, 2009

Lucky and good

I wandered around a bit this morning, watching some of the first round action. It's interesting what you can see at a golf tournament that doesn't always show on TV coverage.

The good: Woody Austin hit a low, flyer under branches of two trees, while staying away from a greenside bunker and getting close enough to the green to salvage the hole on No. 10.

The bad: Brian Bateman hit his tee shot on No. 18 into the middle of the 9th fairway. It reminded me of Nate in the Pro-Am. Just kidding.

And the lucky: Y.E. Yang apparently left his club face open when he hit his tee shot on No. 1. It screamed down the right side of the fairway, heading toward the trees. But a fortuitous bounce off a bunker hill put it back into the fairway.

Of course, what sets the pros apart from the rest of us is what they do after a bad shot. Every single golfer - whether it's Tiger Woods or Jeff Gluck - will hit a bad shot. But a pro has enough talent to save himself from a bad situation.

Case in point: After Bateman found himself in the wrong fairway after teeing off on No. 18, about 200 yards from the hole, he calmly hit his next shot over the trees and landed it about 15 or 20 feet from the pin. It might take me three more shots to get to that point.

Oh, and he made a par 4 on the hole.

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