Sunday, February 7, 2010


Apparently, Kyle Busch, a race car driver, didn't think too much of Twitter. But I read Saturday from my friend, Jeff Gluck, a NASCAR beat writer, that Busch now is on Twitter and immediately had 3,000 followers within the first day.

Why should I care about a NASCAR driver's Twitter account? Well, I don't. But I'm illustrating part of why I'm sitting here waiting for a golf match to start. No, it's not the Northern Trust Open or any other big name tournament.

It's called #CKJR, a private match between LPGA golfer Christina Kim and PGA Tour hopeful John Raser. What started out as plans between these two friends on Twitter to meet for a round a golf turned into a Battle Royale complete with a wager that will see the loser caddying for the winner in an upcoming tournament.

The trash-talking was rampant, and it spread to many of the followers who interact with Kim and Raser on Twitter. I even threw in a jabs at Raser - although I spelled his name wrong a couple of times. A mortal sin for a journalist, I know.

Now, a friendly match between two people on a private golf course without TV coverage or a huge gallery typically doesn't attract interest. But considering Kim has almost 7,000 followers on Twitter and Raser has more than 6,000, this match has the makings of a Major.

Yes, I do believe that social networking sites are here to stay. And I can say that because I'm sitting here in front of my computer on a Sunday morning waiting for two random people to tee it up for no other reason than I watched the beginnings of the match unfold on Twitter.

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