Monday, February 8, 2010

Interactive golf #CKJR

Twitter, blogs galore, Facebook and just about every social media network on the Internet has been raving about CKJR. And for anyone who hasn't heard, it was the Twitterific battle between one of the world's top female golfers - Christina Kim - and PGA Tour hopeful, John Raser.

John ultimately won the match, chipping in on the 18th for birdie and winning the final hole of the match play impromptu event. Unfortunately, the shot that won the match was undocumented. The two iPhones used for streaming went dead before the final hole. I'm not saying there was a conspiracy because I saw Christina's facial expression in a Tweetpic immediately afterward, posted by John, of course.

But until the final hole, viewers witnessed a match that rivaled some of the best and more well-known golf events - primarily because of the interaction available between the golfers and the fans. I was among the viewers who tuned into the Ustream feed. Here are some highlights from John's Ustream video clips and Christina's Ustream video clips. And although it didn't always work, I sat and waited for it to return so I could see what happened next.

The match was casual, as it had to be considering Christina and John kept passing iPhones back and forth while filming and playing. They also tweeted when the video feed went down. But what made it even more special was that the fan were able to "chat" with the golfers. And Christina and John read many comments aloud, playing off them and each other. The chemistry between the two was pretty awesome, which is special because the two had just met a week or so before Sunday's CKJR matchup.

A chance meeting at the PGA Merchandise Dow in Orlando led to Christina and John setting up what started out as a casual round of golf. But after a little good-natured trash-talking, the two ramped up the event, and it took on an Internet life of its own.

The two eventually settled on a wager: the loser would caddy for the winner at some future tournament. John was in danger of working Christina's bag at an LPGA event in New Jersey, but because of John's come-from-behind win - he was down two holes with four to go - Christina will be caddying for John at a Tar Heel Tour event.

Afterward, Ryan Ballengee conducted a interview of the hottest two reality golf show stars of the week.

I hope the two continue CKJR. They both said they want to turn it into a quarterly event, complete with a real video crew next time so we can see the entire match. And I hope to make it to the Tar Heel Tour event to see Christina caddying for John.

Photos: Via John Raser and Christina Kim on Twitter


  1. Trying again. More challenging on iPhone than iMac! Great job!!!

  2. Thanks Mary Ann. It was a combination that made CKJR special for me. The players, the interaction with the golfers and the interaction with other people following the action.