Friday, February 12, 2010

K.J. Choi in second

I have a reason to follow K.J. Choi more closely than other golfers. We've actually hugged.

I was fortunate enough to play in the Buick Open Pro-Am this past year thanks to Travel Michigan, and my team was partnered with Choi. Before then, I knew of Choi by name only.

But afterward, I was a fan. I pick him every week on my fantasy golf team, and on Thursday, he came through for me - and himself, of course. At the AT&T Pebble Beach National Pro-Am, he carded a seven-under 65 for a tie for second in the opening round. So far after three holes today, he's even and still tied for second behind Dustin Johnson. Here's what Choi said after his first round at Pebble Beach, which is one of Choi's favorite courses.

I wrote a story for the Rocky Mount Telegram last year about my experience at the Buick Open Pro-Am, and you can find it on my new Web site under the clips header. It was definitely one of the highlights of my golf-writing career.

My pro-am team didn't win, but we all contributed to our score - even me. I had an eagle opportunity on one of the par 5s at Warwick Hills in Michigan (thanks to my handicap, of course.) I missed the putt, but tapped in for birdie, and we used my score on that hole.

That's when I got a hug from Choi. Hope there are plenty more of those to go around for Choi for the rest of the Pebble Beach tournament.

Photo: K.J. Choi tees off during the 2009 Buick Open Pro-Am. Credit: J. Eric Eckard


  1. I saw K.J. last week at Riviera, and I said, Hey, K.J., do you remember playing in a pro-am with a guy from North Carolina named Eric. "Yes," said K.J. "Good guy, great with a wedge, but lousy taste in colleges. And who was he trying to kid with that UNC outfit? The guy made John Daly look like he has a clue about clothes."

  2. He didn't say anything about perfect drive off the first tee? K.J. and I were the only two in our fivesome to stay in the fairway on our opening drives.

  3. That's so awesome. I love K.J. too. But we've never actually hugged. :o(