Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Energy bars and balls

Last week, I played in the Operation Nineveh charity golf tournament at Northgreen Country Club.

I know, that's not news. I helped organize it, and I've been promoting it for weeks.

But what is news is what I discovered at the event: energy bars and ball that I like.

You know how you play in some charity golf tournaments, and you'll get a bag full of pencils, rulers and refrigerator magnets? Stuff that you'll either throw away or never use?

Well, thanks to my friend, Bryan Bush, I discovered a brand of golf balls - other than TaylorMade - that I like. I also discovered an energy bar that was pretty tasty.

Srixon might not be my first choice of golf balls when I ask my Mom for a Christmas present, but it's definitely my second favorite. And I believe it's a better ball than any Titleist I've played, which include the Pro V1 and Pro V1X.

SCNS Sports Foods makes an energy bar called 10th Tee Back Nine, and it comes in two flavors - chocolate peanut caramel and chocolate peanut honey. Both are good, and if you get a chance, check them out.

So next time you go to a charity golf event, look for Srixon - or TaylorMade - balls and 10th Tee Back Nine energy bars. And leave the rulers in the cart.

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