Monday, November 8, 2010

Shaq vs. Chuck

I know it was a rerun, but last night, I saw for the first time the episode of Shaq Vs., in which O'Neal played Charles Barkley in a five-hole golf match. Shaq was paired with Anthony Kim, and Barkley played with Bubba Watson in an alternate shot format.

Kim and Watson are two of my favorite golfers, and you gotta love Shaq and Chuck. Shaq was making fun of the way Barkley walked, and Barkley was making fun of the way Shaq putted - on a couple of holes.

Barkley was up two shots heading into the final hole, but he hit his tee shot into the water on the par 3 hole. Then Shaq topped his tee shot, forcing Kim to hit an awkward second shot that stayed on the green, but way above the hole.

O'Neal got the last laugh when he drained a 25-foot putt to win the match.

The bet was that the loser would wear a pair of pink Shaq underwear on a public beach. Barkley, fortunately for everyone, refused and threw the undies into the pond.