Monday, June 6, 2011

The first one's free

So, I was playing golf the other day at Birchwood Country Club thanks to my pal, Lynwood Roberson. Birchwood pro Randy Davis played nine holes with us, and after my first tee shot, Randy asks me: "Do you want me to say anything about your swing, you know, to help you?"

Knowing that I need all the help I can get, I immediately said, "YES."

From experience, I know a lot of golfers hate when someone tries to "fix" them during a round of golf. Practice is for the driving range, they say. Not me, man. I take as many tips as I get - as long as they come from someone I trust.

I trust Randy. He's a good guy.

So, part of my problem - according to Randy - is that I don't break my wrists much at the top of my backswing. And then, I don't turn them over on my downswing, which makes most of my shots go right.

In other words, a very stiff-armed swing.

My fix has been to overcompensate by either aiming left or starting out with my clubhead turned over dramatically.

Randy's tip during the first nine holes was to hinge my wrists more and try to turn them over at impact. He said if I did this correctly, my shots will start going up and left.

I asked how to fix that, and he said, "One thing at a time."

So I did what he said, and I was consistently hitting everything left. But by then, Randy had ditched us.

I got a good lesson, and I appreciate it. But now what? I sent Randy a message about what to do next.

Nothing. Just my luck - the first one is always free.

My next plan - try to make a trade. To be sure, Birchwood needs some help with a newsletter or marketing or something.

Or maybe I can wash his car.

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