Monday, June 27, 2011

Nike Dri-Fit socks

I never really put much thought into socks. They've always been just a unseen part of my attire when playing golf.

But after trying a pair of Nike Dri-Fit socks, I'm a changed man. Thanks to a blend of cotton, nylon, polyester and spandex, I've found the best socks I've ever worn.

I think the key is the spandex. The Nike socks form to your feet like a mold - almost like they were made with your feet in mind. They say one size fits all. Well, I think these really do fit all sizes of feet.

The mesh fabric on the top of the sock allows lots of breathing room for your foot. And the fabric allows the sweat to evaporate rather than stay stuck inside the sock, which causes smelly feet. Reinforced heel and toe areas top off the form-fitting Nike Dri-Fit sock.

To be completely transparent, I've never tried the Adidas Climalite sock, which touts itself as a sock that provides maximum sweat protection and comfort. And it's true that I'm a TaylorMade guy - clubs, balls and Adidas golf shoes.

But I usually find something I like and stick with it. I can't imagine finding a better sock than the Nike Dri-Fit.

We'll see though.

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