Saturday, October 1, 2011

Pros or amateurs - we all get frustrated

I'm at the SAS Championship in Cary this weekend, and I had the chance to ask Nick Price a few questions after his opening round of 66, one shot back of first-round leader Corey Pavin.

Price is a former No. 1 player in the world, and he's won three majors - an Open Championship and two PGA Championships. This year on the Champions Tour, he has eight Top 15 finishes, including a win at the Toshiba Classic in March. So, the guy can play.

But in the past few weeks, he admitted that he hasn't been playing well. After his nearly flawless performance in round 1 of the SAS, he said he might have figured something out. And that's what's so frustrating for Price - and the rest of us, as well.

"This game, it's so frustrating. The amateurs, you know, the guys I play with in pro‑ams, go, you just don't understand the frustration. Well, we get frustrated just as much as anyone else. It's funny, you know, you go through phases, and you think you learn, but for some reason I started looking at my divot pattern. You know, this is after literally six really poor tournaments, and the thing that I worked the hardest on the last two years I just neglected, and then I got back to doing it, and everything sort of fell into place again."

I think that just proves that professionals are just like us. They have to think about those 1,000 things during a swing, just like we do. Of course, I don't think I could figure out what my problem is just from a divot pattern. Now that Price has lengthened his backswing, his divots are straighter and more shallow.

"It's just giving it a little more room and it seems to lengthen my backswing and just give me a little more time to get back to the ball. So I hope it lasts. I never know in this game."
Neither do I, Nick. Neither do I.